Anual Heater Checks

Do you know the importance of annual Heater Checks - have you scheduled yours yet? Let Powell's Plumbing help you understand the importance and the ins and outs of heater check ups.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

It is important to get maintenance done on your heater each year to ensure that it is always performing at its best.  Your heating system is something that is always felt but not seen - most heaters are in your basement and tucked away somewhere that you don't see everyday so its easy to forget about.  We at Powell's want to help you make sure you don't forget about such an important key to keeping your family comfortable all winter long.  

Think of your heating system like you do your car.  You need to take care of your car - keep it clean, make sure it has oil and air in the tire, ect.  Your heater needs that same attention - if you were to neglect your car it probably won't run well for very long, the same thing can happen to your heater.  You can help prevent costly repairs by allowing Powell's Plumbing to come out every year and complete our 25-Point heater check list.

Maintenance every homeowner can do

While there are many things you should leave to the pro's there are somethings that you can complete on your own as a home owner.

1. Remember to change your filter every month.  Be sure to check what type of filter is in there and purchase the same one.

2. Make sure that all your supply and return ducts are not blocked by furniture, rugs or there items.  This will help insure adequate air flow to your whole house. 

What will Powell's Plumbing do for you?

Below is our 25-Point checklist - it shows you all that we go over when coming to check on your heater. 

Not convinced yet.... below are some benefits of annual heater maintenance

Reduce Heating Cost - A properly functioning Heater can save you in your gas or electric bills.

Longer Life  - Ensuring every year that your equipment is running at its best will help it have a longer life

Peace of Mind - Having your heater checked yearly makes sure all the inner workings are safe and running properly make your home safer.

Saves you money - When you have Powell's come out to perform out 25-Point checklist we are able to catch potential large problems while they are still small - this can save you in costly heating repairs later.



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