About us

     Powell’s Plumbing & Heating has been your local plumber for more than 80 years now.

     Powell's Plumbing was found in 1929 by Steve Powell Sr. who later passed the business on to his son.  In the early 60's William Powell assumed control of the business from Steve Powell Jr.  At this time Powell's was primarily a residential plumbing company.  No one knew at that time what we would grow to become 40 or so years later.  

     In 1966 my Father, Charles Johnston Sr., started part time after school as a helper with Powell's Plumbing and continued on after graduation progressing in the trade. Charles received his Master Plumber’s license in 1975 and purchased the company on January 1, 1976.  In 1991, I began working part time, after school and during the summer, alongside my father learning the trade, and following in his footsteps. In 1996, after graduation I continued working, now full time, and learning more about the trade. In 2001, I received my Master Plumber’s License, and on October 1, 2010 I purchased the business from my Father.

     My goal when taking over this company was to expand its operation.  In 2016 Powell's Plumbing had just that opportunity and I purchased ACE Heating and Air.  This has now given us the opportunity to have a full service duct fabrication shop. 

     Powell's Plumbing has worked hard over the past 80 years to grow and expand.  We have learned and acquired many skills and are excited for what lies ahead of us.

     We are excited to continue to move forward and now offer our customers more than just service but the ability to purchase custom duct work.  This new store will move us from just a service company to a service and supply company and for that journey we are excited.      

     Changing times means a company has to change with it, requiring new ideas and ways of thinking. With a solid commitment to the Plumbing and HVAC industry Powell’s Plumbing & Heating will be around serving many more generations. 

- Charles W.C. Johnston, Jr.